Basak Publicity and Printing Company

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  • About Us

    About Us

    Başak Publising House, which has been taking firm steps in its sector for more than 30 years, has always increased its capacity with the aim of carrying its service one step further and with the awareness of the requirements of the 21st century and the changing needs, with this innovation, it provides separate working and storage space services for each customer. Başak Publishing House & Promotion Services, which closely follows the technological developments in the sector in the world...
  • History of Paper

    History of Paper

    Since the beginning of history, people used to write in the light of this need, as they needed to express themselves.
  • History of Typography

    History of Typography

    The printed press products that emerged with the use of the printing press deeply affected the masses of people and thus, from politics to the military...
  • Postpress


    Başak Publishing House -postpress- aims to provide fast, smooth and quality works with the latest technology and latest machines.
  •  Printing Techniques

    Printing Techniques

    Printing techniques are named according to the mould on which they are printed. The most commonly used printing techniques can be listed as follows: Relief printing (Typography), Flat printing (Offset), Intaglio printing (Photogravure) and Screen printing (Serigraphy).
  • <b class='text-danger'>Machine</b> Park

    Machine Park

    Başak Publishing House, which does not compromise on printing quality, always follows the technology by acting with the awareness of the importance of the machine park and provides all the services it provides to its customers under the same roof thanks to the variety of its machines.
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